Mount Edward Elementary

SchoolsPlus Program

We are the SchoolsPlus team for the Prince Andrew Family of Schools! Our Assistant Leader, Nicole MacFarlane, works in all 12 schools in the PAHS Family. Our Community Outreach Worker, Terra Crowe, works in 5 of the schools, at both elementary and junior high levels. Mount Edward Elementary is one of our amazing schools!

SchoolsPlus works to build good relationships between families, schools, and communities. 

We are a confidential, free service that’s available in every school in Nova Scotia. We can:

1 - Help build good relationships between families, schools, and the community.

2 - Help parents and families find the programs, resources, and support that they need. Some examples include: help finding recreation programs for kids and the funding to pay for these programs, help finding support to pay for things like eyeglasses and other important items like bills, and help applying for other community programs that can support families.

3 - Offer group programming for parents and for students. Some examples are: Options to Anger, Handle With Care, The Incredible Years, Rainbows, Social Skills Groups, and more.

4 - Help families manage complex situations. Sometimes students and families are already connected to many services, but still need help managing it all. We can help make sure everyone involved is communicating clearly so that you get the best support possible.

We can help your student with what they may need to succeed – from home, to school, and back again.

You can ask your school to submit a referral for your student, or you can refer yourself by connecting with your SchoolsPlus team directly! To do this, contact Nicole MacFarlane (Assistant Leader) by phone at 902-240-1148 (call or text) or email