Mount Edward Elementary

Staff Directory

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Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bartkiw, Lori Principal 902-435-8459
Coffin Were, Cindy Vice Principal 902-435-8459
Lough, Denise Office Administrator 902-435-8459

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bambury, Candace Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8459
Brown, Karen Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8459
Coffin Were, Cindy Vice Principal & Grade 4/5 902-435-8459
Doane, Sarah Grade 1/2 902-435-8459
Dowden-Marrie, Mary Violin Teacher 902-435-8459
Forde, Patrick Band Teacher 902-435-8459
Fraser, Shannon Primary 902-435-8459
Galante-Ward, Anna-Maria Grade 4/5 902-435-8459
MacDonald, Karen Grade 6 902-435-8459
Monahan, Corinne Music Teacher 902-435-8459
Moore, Jennifer Grade 1/2 902-435-8459 Website
Simms, Michelle Core French Teacher 902-435-8459
Smith, Curtis Grade 4 902-435-8459 Website
Stiner, Timothy Physical Education 902-435-8459
Sullivan, Maggie School Counsellor 902-435-8459
Tetford, Jody Grade 3 902-435-8459
Weaver, Sharon 50% Resource and 50% Reading Recovery 902-435-8459
Wood, Emily Speach and Language Pathologist 902-435-8459

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bailey, Sherri Excel - Head Instructor 902-222-6168
Banfield, Gena Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Bowie, Katie Educational Program Assisant 902-435-8459
Bowlby, Natasha Librarian 902-435-8459
Colley, Abena Community Outreach Worker - SchoolsPlus 902-435-8459
Hughes, Nancy Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Johnson, Violet Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Keizer, Bethany Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
LeBrasseur, Anne ECE - Support Pre-Primary 902-435-8459
Martin-Wells, Jennifer School Psychologist 902-435-8459
McDonald, William Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Minnis, Brittany Child and Youth Care Practitioner - Schools Plus 902-435-8459
Pack, Nicole Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Pedvis, Cindy School Social Worker 902-430-4713
Tagliapietra, Leah Education Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Tobin, Megan Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-240-1148
Villar, Princessa Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Wainwright, Amanda ECE Lead - Pre-Primary 902-435-8459