Mount Edward Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Weaver, Sharon 50% Resource and 50% Reading Recovery 902-435-8459
Forde, Patrick Band Teacher 902-435-8459
Simms, Michelle Core French Teacher 902-435-8459
Moore, Jennifer Grade 1/2 902-435-8459 Website
Doane, Sarah Grade 1/2 902-435-8459
Tetford, Jody Grade 3 902-435-8459
Smith, Curtis Grade 4 902-435-8459 Website
Galante-Ward, Anna-Maria Grade 4/5 902-435-8459
MacDonald, Karen Grade 6 902-435-8459
Brown, Karen Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8459
Bambury, Candace Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8459
Monahan, Corinne Music Teacher 902-435-8459
Stiner, Timothy Physical Education 902-435-8459
Fraser, Shannon Primary 902-435-8459
Sullivan, Maggie School Counsellor 902-435-8459
Wood, Emily Speach and Language Pathologist 902-435-8459
Coffin Were, Cindy Vice Principal & Grade 4/5 902-435-8459
Dowden-Marrie, Mary Violin Teacher 902-435-8459

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Minnis, Brittany Child and Youth Care Practitioner - Schools Plus 902-435-8459
Colley, Abena Community Outreach Worker - SchoolsPlus 902-435-8459
LeBrasseur, Anne ECE - Support Pre-Primary 902-435-8459
Wainwright, Amanda ECE Lead - Pre-Primary 902-435-8459
Tagliapietra, Leah Education Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Bowie, Katie Educational Program Assisant 902-435-8459
Keizer, Bethany Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Johnson, Violet Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Hughes, Nancy Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Banfield, Gena Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
McDonald, William Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Villar, Princessa Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Pack, Nicole Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8459
Bailey, Sherri Excel - Head Instructor 902-222-6168
Bowlby, Natasha Librarian 902-435-8459
Martin-Wells, Jennifer School Psychologist 902-435-8459
Pedvis, Cindy School Social Worker 902-430-4713
Tobin, Megan Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-240-1148


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Lough, Denise Office Administrator 902-435-8459
Bartkiw, Lori Principal 902-435-8459
Coffin Were, Cindy Vice Principal 902-435-8459